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Organic Camu Camu Powder launched in Australia

Changing Habits has launched the new Organic Camu Camu Powder in Australia.

Camu Camu is a berry that has been harvested and dried and crushed into a powder, everything that is in the fruit, including the vitamin C complex, remains intact, the only thing missing is the water.

We are very excited and proud to finally have this wonderful natural food as part of the changing habits organic real food range in Australia.

The concept of a “superfood” came about in the 1980’s with the introduction of Vitamin C and its many benefits, improves immune system, wards off cold’s and flu’, improves arthritis, heart disease and every other ailment you can name.

Vitamin C was a hit and some people took it excessively to the point of getting diarrhea thinking the more the better! Personally we did not advocate the trend, however we were fascinated to read how it was done and the expert opinions of the time.

Camu Camu berry imageNow, a mere 30 years on and many “superfoods” later, we don’t hear anywhere near the same advice and information about the benefits of Vitamin C.

It has become a necessity item that people accept as part of a nutritionally balanced lifestyle – only increasing their intake when colds and flu’s are near.

Vitamin C is a necessity, however the “Vitamin C” supplements that were born in the 1980’s, were a less nutrient and more ascorbic acid!

Many companies said that their supplements (powder, capsule, tablet) were pure but with my current knowledge of how capsules and tablets are produced we now know this to be far from the truth.

So where do you get the best source of this original “superfood?”

There are many foods high in vitamin C including kakadu plum, camu camu berry, rosehip, acerola and baobab. Citrus fruits are the poor cousins to these amazing foods.

Research tells us that camu camu has around 23,000 mg per 100 gm of vitamin C, an orange has approximately 50mg per 100gm of vitamin C, a vast difference!

Organic Camu Camu Powder is now available in Australia from Changing Habits

What does this mean?

It means that our new Camu Camu powder is 460 times higher than an average orange and contains 23% vitamin C as opposed to .05% Vitamin C found in an average orange.

Camu camu is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C in the world and has grown abundantly along the Amazon River for centuries. The berry is harvested by the indigenous people using traditional methods as part of a fair trade project that enables the Amazonian people to sustain their culture and lands!

What about the Camu Camu Benefits?

The locals have always known the benefits of camu camu berry and have used it for generations both for nutrition and medicinally and after ongoing research Changing Habits decided to head to the best source (the South American Jungle) and find the purest product for our clients in Australia!

In the development of the product and because of its nature, Camu Camu powder is an expensive food to transport to other areas of the world. Due to these cost factors, we had to decide on the best method for production and consumption in Australia. It was suggested that we package the dried camu camu powder in capsules, however to do this meant using the ingredient propylene glycol – an additive that has been banned in the US from medications due to research showing that it causes liver and kidney damage! Obviously I was harshly adverse to the use of such an ingredient and was dedicated to retaining the food as natural as possible and so we retained the Camu Camu in powder form ensuring that we could keep the foods nutrient density and healing properties.

Camu Camu as a source of Vitamin C

Camu Camu powder is one of the best sources of vitamin C and when consumed regularly as part of a balanced diet, will assist in the prevention of ailments and benefits immunity.

Camu Camu has been used to help the following;

  • Viral infections; cold sores and shingles
  • Common cold and flu
  • Eye conditions; cataracts and glaucoma
  • Gum disease; gingivitis, sore and bleeding gums as well as ulcers
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, arteriosclerosis and more
  • Boosts energy, maintains healthy gums, eyes, skin and general overall health

It can also be used to increase energy, maintain healthy gums, eyes, skin and general health overall. Camu Camu powder is now available in Australia by visiting the Changing Habits store.

Camu Camu powder is a potent natural Vitamin C

100% camu camu powder – nothing added. Contains 23% Vitamin C, 460 times more than an average orange.

A packet will last 80 days, if you take the recommended daily serving, making it an affordable quality form of vitamin C. It is suitable for the whole family, and can be mixed with water, your favourite juice or smoothie

Since, the launch of Camu Camu in Australia, we have had a few questions from customers, so we thought we would list the most commonly asked questions:

What actually is Camu Camu?

It is a natural berry, harvested and dehydrated by traditional methods to retain its high quality.

How much Camu Camu do you need to take?

A suggested dose is 1/2 tsp per day. If your immune system is compromised or needs a boost, or you are suffering from any of the above conditions, then advance to one level teaspoon per day.

Is this safe for children, if so, how much do they take?

Yes, it is very safe for children. Children under 8 years of age should have a ¼ of a tsp daily and increase only to half a tsp if their immune system is compromised or are under stress.

If pregnant, can Camu Camu be taken?

Pregnant women should have approximately ¾ of a teaspoon daily, and increase to a levelled teaspoon whilst lactating.

I am on the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol, can I take the Camu Camu?

Absolutely, in fact it will boost energy and benefits overall health.

What is the difference between Ascorbic Acid & natural Vitamin C such as Camu Camu?

Vitamin C is a matrix of many natural compounds including co-enzymes, bioflavonoids and co factors which help the body not only absorb vitamin C but utilise it efficiently. All foods that contain vitamin C also have a mix of the three macro nutrients, fats, carbohydrates and amino acids. It is never found in nature isolated as ascorbic acid.

Laboratory made synthetic substances can never have the intelligence of nature based vitamin C. Even the scientist who isolated ascorbic acid knew this, he realised that foods were more powerful than any isolate and hunted the world looking for foods high in vitamin C – his search finally found the berry – Camu Camu.

My health practitioner suggested that I take 1000mg Vitamin C per day, is the recommended Camu Camu dose equivalent to this?

1/2 tsp is equivalent to 575mg of Vitamin C. Most forms of Vitamin C usually contain Ascorbic Acid. Camu Camu berry, being a nutritional source containing not only Vitamin C but all the other co factors for good absorption. If your body is in need of extra Vitamin C, due to compromised immune system, then you can increase the dose to 1 level teaspoon of powder per day, which will give you 1150mg vitamin C.

As a diabetic, can I take Camu Camu?

Diabetics are recommended to have the normal recommended dosage, and if your immune system is compromised, increase your dosage to a teaspoon immediately. However, Camu Camu berry is a fruit, therefore contains carbohydrates. It should not affect your blood glucose levels, though if you are concerned, please test this beautiful superfood on yourself by testing your blood glucose levels. Otherwise, consume the Camu Camu with a meal containing fat and protein, such as in a smoothie or over your breakfast.

Can too much Camu Camu be taken?

Gastrointestinal discomfort is the most common indication of reaching your upper limit of vitamin C, therefore utilise these symptoms to establish whether you have gone beyond your required intake.

NEW Camu Camu Powder now available in Australia from the Changing Habits store.

Camu Camu provides many benefits and is essential to health and well-being.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates

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